I miss the Chupacabra

When I was a kid growing up in the ninties. There was something particularly terrifying and almost inspiring about El Chupacabra. It was like a walking snarling sci-fi creature terrorizing Puerto Rico. Quick background, sightings of this particularly odd Cryptid started around 1994 in South America, very close to the S.E.T.I’s southern base. Of course being so close to the dishes that search for extra terrestrial life did make conspiracies start flying. The descriptions often had a very demonic tone to them. It stood about four to five feet on two legs, with feet not unlike that of a kangaroo. Long spines ran down its back and it almost always had sinister glowing red eyes. Sometimes it had bat like wings others not, it was supposed to emit strange sulfuric smells and shrill hisses. And have a forked tongue.

 The most notable thing about this cryptid was the victims it left. Hundreds of dead chickens and/or other livestock. All with their blood drained through either two or three puncture wounds that would baffle local vets. It sounds very much like livestock mutilations that occur around the world. And it led to the theories that perhaps it was either an escaped experiment or an escaped alien (or its pet).
 But as much as I loved it as a child it took a very strange turn in the 2000s.

No longer the bipedial lizard, it became a small mutant dog animal only seen by ranch owning Americans in Texas. As far as I’m concerned any shift in a cryptid or something paranormal (especially when it has to do with America) is a little fishy. People are terrified of this hybrid dog that kills there sheep. Even photos and captures have seemingly baffled the local authorities and have always had –a lot- of media attention. But this has very much disappointed me. For every photograph I have seen has not terrified me. It’s most obviously been a dog with mange. How some rancher ‘who has hunted for years’ could not see this baffles me.

 And leads me to this thought. Perhaps there was more to the original Chupacabra. More that meant that sightings needed to now have hill billy status. If I saw one tomorrow and told you about it, especially in the lower states of the U.S. I know what you would say. Hill billy. The same as if I told you I was abducted by aliens. And we all know where that came from.
I think there’s more to Charlie than we know.


Prophetic cards?

I will admit that one thing I love on the internet more than anything else is conspiracy theories. I don’t mean that I believe all or any of them. But I love them. People’s imagination is amazing and I will often write about new ones or particularly interesting ones on here. My most recent *find* it’s nowhere near new, but I hadn’t heard of it before. Everyone knows of the illuminati, mostly thanks to Dan Brown’s books I should think. But there are some hard core conspiracy theorists that believe that there is really a upper class ruling body that governs the world. And often some of the evidence for that is a lot more compelling than the American governments answer to these things, YOU CRAZY! But that’s for another blog.
 Around the 1980s and early nineties Steve Jackson card games released a almost Pok√©mon style card game to do with conspiracies. The whole game is supposed to be a tongue in cheek take on most of the popular conspiracies of the late 20th century. But the most gripping aspect of these cards is not the conspiracies that the cards are written about. It is the images encaptioned in the little frame above the cards stats.
 The images display different things to go along with the conspiracy, naturally. But some of the images seem to convey more than that. One in particular called Terrorist Nuke, shows two tall buildings, one exploding in the middle and it looks a lot like the image of the attack on the twin towers. Another shows the Pentagon with smoke rising from the centre. But even though both events took place a decade after the cards were published, it’s not too hard to imagen something like an attack on the tallest buildings in the world, or the American hub of secret intelligence, so that could be put down to sheer coincidence. Could.
 But there are other cards too that seem to express other meanings than were not intended. There is card called Backlash that seems that a dark skinned man in a suit that has an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Obama being pelteded with tomatoes, while a smilar card with a lighter skinnined man being hailed. I notice how nasty the media has been about Obama recently.  Combined disasters is a card that shows a number of people running away from a collapsed clock tower, while some think it signifies Big ben and the colour of the shirts on the people are the olymipic colours, I think it looks more like the Wako clock tower in Tokyo. Another called Stay dead, where the white haired man in the picture looks a lot like infamous head of wikileaks Jullian assange. Others seem to show images or Whitney Huson and Lady Gaga.
 There are many more that even relate to extremely recent history, Ketchup is a Vegetable. Didn’t one state in America class pizza as a vegetable because of the tomato sauce on it about a month or so ago? Interestingly we call ketchup over in the U.K. tomato sauce. Just my input.
 Defintalty worth a google.

Trolls? Werewolves? Or Witches?

So as I'm currently living in Sweden I do have some access to other newspapers than I usually do. Most interestingly I found an article that was on the most popular newspaper (aftonbladet) main website. Aftonbladet is more Daily mail that BBC but sometimes they have more obscure news. About two weeks ago (I can't find the article :( ) There was a report about a man who was attacked by a bear. He was walking in the woods when a great black hairy thing chased after him and attacked. He escaped after climbing up a tree. There were pictures of the mans wounds, on his back atleast that were thin but long scratches.

  Interestingly the police and experts have said that what ever attacked him was not a bear. Due to lack bears in the area and that his wounds are not consistant with other bear attacks. When questioned he said that he never got a good look, to busy fleeing for his life I should think. But he assumed something big, black and hairy would be a bear as there is no other large predators that look bearlike in northern sweden.

 Sweden has wolverine, but I wouldn't class them as big. It would be like someone climbing a tree to escape a badger. (But they can be visious little devils!) And wolves, but I should think one would know the difference. The police said they don't know what it was, but it was definatly not a bear. Which brings werewolf type figures to my mind. When I mentioned this story to my friends they mentioned witches. For some reason here in Sweden witches seemed to be mentioned alot. You can buy little ones at easter, or dress up like them and at the Valborg festival the witches light the bon fire.

 Don't know about witches, but it will be interesting if anything else like this surfaces.